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Code Programme Title Duration
QL-101 8-Disciplines Problem Solving Techniques 2 days
QL-102 Quality Control Circle (QCC) At Work 2 days
QL-103 Practical Techniques For Productivity Measurement And Improvement 2 days
QL-104 Cost Effective Measurement and Calibration System 2 days
QL-105 Structured Approach for New Model Start Up and Effective Product Quality Planning 1 day
QL-106 Basic Understanding on Quality Concepts 1 day
QL-107 American Society for Quality (ASQ) Certified Quality Engineer 20 days
QL-108 PDCA Methodology for Effective Problem Solving 2 days
QL-109 Total Quality Control Overview 1 day
QL-110 Structured Approach for Effective Root Cause Analysis 1 day