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Strategy Development & Business Planning
Get Strategy Executed! We assist you in planning and developing winning strategy that gains competitive advantage. Our approach begins by integrating situational diagnosis, strategic assessment, vision/mission development, strategy crafting and positioning, strategy cascading, strategic action plan formulation. We incorporate your long-team perspectives into the corporate strategic destination while ensuring the achievement of short-term business objectives.

Organization & Human Capital Management
Demystify People Factory! We assist you to attract, develop, retain, motivate and engage right people right people who can drive the success of the company. To enable people and organization excellence, we can specifically embed, to name few, Organization Design, Organization Transformation, Organization Development, Total HR System Design & Implementation, Change Management, Workforce Management, Competency Model, Talent Management, Succession Planning, Career Management , And Human Resource Information System (HRIS) into you organization.

Corporate Performance Management
Aligning Resources to Corporate Goals. We design and implement the customized Corporate Performance Management System (CPMS) to our client which aligns employee’s performance to the organization’s objectives through enterprise-wide planning, budgeting forecasting, consolidation, reporting, and analysis. Our application of CPMS integrates a set of qualitative (Competency) and quantitative (Balanced Scorecard/KPIs) measurement that links system, processes, customer and employee performance to attain sustainable success.

Enterprise-Wide Risk Management
Build a Risk-Resilient Organization! We assist you in embarking on an effective Enterprise-wide Risk Management (ERM) system that enables your organization to identity, control, reduce, avoid mitigate and transfer risks that will unfavorable impact upon your business objectives. Not solely for corporate governance, compliance and corporate citizenship, we synchronize ERM into you corporate Performance Management (CPM) by establishing mechanism of Risk Assessment & Profile (KRIs), Risk Control & Treatment, Risk Reporting & Monitoring, Business Continuity Plan, and Disaster Recovery Plan.

Lean Sigma
Using Lean Sigma to Breakthrough Performance. We assist you in applying Lean Sigma to your operation. As a revolutionary management tool to generate rapid and sustainable business and operational improvement, Lean minimize process variation. Our track records show that our client who have embarked on Lean Sigma journey are becoming “leaner, stronger, and fitter”. 

Energy Saving Solutions
Save for More Gains. Is your energy (e.g.,electricity, gas, fuel, water) consumption worth? Looking for practical, effective, proven and yet environmental friendly methods to achieve cost reduction from energy consumption and improve profits? With our performance-based, cost effective approach in energy, our specialists have successfully implemented our energy management solutions which can really prove the bottom-line profits for clients.

Integrated Management System
"An integrated management system (IMS) is a management system which integrates all components of a business into one coherent system so as to enable the achievement of its purpose and mission". The integrated approach stretches far beyond simply placing sets of procedures in one manual but is about having a single management system that complies with the requirements of two standards.

Training & Research
Potential Discovery. Our Learning & Knowledge Center particularly assists you in uncovering “unknown” to “known” from researching to training. Our research team offers business intelligence through a series of customized business research, such as, industrial study, marketing research and organization survey, while based on new knowledge, our coaches train your people with required competency and capability to reach the new height for both individual and organization.