AS 9100


To assure customer satisfaction, aerospace industry organizations must produce, and continually improve, safe, reliable products that meet or exceed customer and regulatory authority requirements. The globalization of the aerospace industry, and the resulting diversity of regional / national requirements and expectations, has complicated this objective. End product organizations face the challenge of assuring the quality of, and integrating, product purchased from suppliers throughout the world and at all levels within the supply chain. Aerospace suppliers and processors face the challenge of delivering product to multiple customers having varying quality expectation and requirements.

AS 9100 was developed by a committee of procurement, purchasing and quality executives from the major U.S. aerospace manufacturers as a way to reduce defects in the supplier chain; continually improve quality; boost customer satisfaction; and considerably reduce the number of hours spent on audits, requirements and documentation. Instead of having to comply with many differing quality requirements and standards for each customer, aerospace industry suppliers and subcontractors now had for the first time a single aerospace standard that would be accepted across the board.

In the next few years, AS 9100 promises to become increasingly important to the thousands of companies who supply parts and services to aircraft and aerospace manufacturers. Most of the major aircraft engine manufacturers, such as General Electric's Aircraft Engine division (GEAE), Boeing, Rolls-Royce Allison and Pratt & Whitney, are already requiring registration to AS 9100.

What is AS 9100??

  1. A global recognized aerospace quality management standard
  2. The first version was established in 2001, August , based on ISO 9001 : 2000 structure
  3. The 2nd version was established in 2004, January, based on ISO 9001 : 2000 structure
  4. The 3rd version was established in 2009, January, based on ISO 9001 : 2008 structure
  5. Emphasize on product safety & quality control

Which Orgnisation can Obtain AS 9100?

Applies to aerospace supply chain :
design, development, production, installation & servicing of aerospace related products.