Biogas Renewable Energy

Interflow TM Anaerobic Tank Digester System and interflow anaerobic open pond reactor (Interflow-AOPR)is a proven biogas system and being installed and operated in palm oil mill in Malaysia. The highly efficient anaerobic digestion design allows maximum recovery of methane from the optimally controlled operation of anaerobic digestion of POME. The system can be installed in both new and existing palm oil mill.


  1. Proven technology with installation and operating track record in Malaysia.
  2. Low operating and maintenance cost.
  3. High Efficiency, methane production, 0.3Nm3/kg COD.
  4. Supply of total solutions inclusive of biogas to boilers, biogas to gas engines to generate electricity and CDM projects.
  5. Lower Reactor Cost.
  6. Possible transfer of existing ponds into Hi-Tech AOPR plants.
  7. Individual reactor design based on specific wastewater and footprint requirements.
  8. Floating units give more flexibility on operation and maintenance.
  9. Easy monitoring and sampling.
  10. High Process Stability and easy maintenance.



Some of our clients (With Sakti Suria)

  1. Kim Loong