Energy Management Approach

ELCO believes in holistic approach towards achieving a sustainable energy. We provide the assurance of ‘risk free’ approach in implementing our energy management .

  • Stage one consist of a complete facility energy assessment with a detail techno-economic analysis of potential improvements. Activities of stage one include :-
    1. Perform a macro audit of the facilities to define current energy baseline.
    2. Compare current performance with industry standards.
    3. Assess current technology level and potential changes.
    4. Review client’s operation strategies and plans for the facilities.
    5. Formulate specific targets and strategies for discreet process and utility systems.
    6. Identify Energy Cost Reduction Measure (ECRM).
    7. Specific ECRMs that are to be further developed, for each of the ECRM, EES shall specify and guarantee the following criteria to the client.
      • Minimum annual savings.
      • Maximum fixed implementation cost.
      • Minimum simple payback time.
  • Stage two is the implementation & verification of energy improvement projects. i.e. from design, procurement, installation, testing & commissioning to on-going monitoring and verification to ensure the projected savings are realized.

Structure of our Energy Management Team