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EMC Highlight

Energy Saving Lighting

Energy Saving Lighting (Normal Saving 50% of lighting)

AmalgamHT lamp is an lead free lamp and uses low mercury (2~3.5)mg content alloy.

The lamp has the following advantages:

  1. Remains more stable over a wide temperature range and has higher luminance ratio (80lm/w) and smaller size ,
  2. Higher luminance ratio (80lm/w) and smaller size,
  3. Superior color rendering (CRI > 80),
  4. Longer lamp life,
  5. No earthing required as made of plastic parts and thus no tripping,
  6. Return of Investment about 6~9 months

Some of our clients (With gpLight)

1. Housing Development Board, Singapore 7. Beyonics Technology Senai
2. Hitachi Chemical Johor 8. CEVA Freight Singapore
3. Hitachi Air-Conditioner Product Bangi 9. Kerry Ingredient
4. Hitachi Cable Johor 10. Mewahoil (West Port)
5. Hoto Steel Industries (UEM Builder) 11. City Square (Johor Bahru)
6. Mewaholeo (Pasir Gudang)


Plasma Lighting (30 thousands hours lamp life guarantee)

The plasma lighting indicates a significant breakthrough of the lighting technology, it is integrated with applied optics, power electronics, plasma and magnetic properties study.


1.  High luminous efficacy, 85lm/w,  
2. High color rendering property (CRI > 80),
3. Super long life span, normally can reach 60,000 thousand hours,
4. Energy saving lighting, able to reduce 60~80% of the Kwh usage,
5. Super fast start up time, lesser than 1 second,
6. Wide working voltage (110V to 265V)
7. Wide range of lamp wattage (85W, 125W, 135W,    165W, 185W)

Some of our clients (With Solatube International)
1. AIDA Manufacturing (Malaysia)
2. Ngo Chow Hong Oils and Fats (Mewah Group of Companies)
3. CEVA Freight Singapore
4. ASJ Components Senai
5. ASM Technology
6. Ta Ann Holding
7.  Kerry Ingredient
8. Mid Valley Mega Mall
9. Malaysia Airport