Motor Intelligent Controller

Motor Intelligent Controller (Normal saving 15%~25% of electricity used per equipment installed)


It is legal to install Motor Intelligent Controller to reduce your operating cost. In fact, our services are supported by EC (Energy Commission), MIDA (Malaysia Industrial Development Authority) and KTKM (Ministry of Energy, Communication and Multimedia). We are also the registered member of PTM (Pusat Tenaga Malaysia), MAESCO (Malaysian Association of Energy Services Company).

There will not be any modification to your existing operation system as the control panel is set outside your equipment and we have vast proven records in factories, commercial buildings, hotels, hospitals, water plants, paper mills and etc.

The investment payback period for the equipment depending to the tariff applied, equipment running hours and working days.


Normally the payback period is between 14~24 months.

All Motor Intelligent Controllers comes with a 12 months product warranty and we provide maintenance service to customers. During warranty period of our solutions, there are no labor and component cost to the customers, it will be shouldered by Elco Energy Solutions.

Motor Intelligent Controllers are equipped with built-in by-pass system. If there is any equipment failure, just switch back to the original configuration by using the built-in by-pass system. Therefore, your operation system will operate as normal in the event of equipment failures.

Some of our clients (With Focus Dynamics)

  1. Evergreen Fibreboard Berhad
  2. Hokuden (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd
  3. Mirror Plastics Sdn. Bhd.