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CodeProgramme TitleDuration
IMS-101Understanding of QESH Integrated Management System2 days
IMS-102Internal Auditing for QESH Integrated Management System2 days
IMS-103Techniques and Skills for IMS Management Representative2 days
IMS-104Effective Techniques for IMS Document Control1 day
IMS-106Integrating Effective Quality and Environmental Management System2 days
IMS-107Conducting an Effective Internal QEMS Auditing2 days
IMS-108Understanding and Implementing an Effective Environment and Health & Safety Management System2 days
IMS-109Conducting an Effective Internal EHSMS Auditing2 days
IMS-110Conducting an Effective Internal QEMS Auditing for ISO 9001, ISO13485 & ISO 14001 Standards2 days
IMS-111Practical Aspect & Hazard Identification, Impact & Risk Assessment & Control 1 day
IMS-112Introduction to Malaysia Environmental, Occupational Safety & Health Legislation 2 days
IMS-113Advanced Internal QEMS Auditing 2 days
IMS-114Understanding of QFSESH Integrated Management System 2 days
IMS-115Internal Auditing for QFSESH Integrated Management System 3 days
IMS-116Understanding of QFSE Integrated Management System  2 days
IMS-117Internal Auditing for QFSE Integrated Management System 3 days
IMS-118Internal Auditing for QSH Integrated Management System  2 days
IMS-119Effective HACCP & GMP Auditing 1 day
IMS-120Understanding ISO 9001, ISO 13485 & ISO 14001 Integrated Management System  2 days
IMS-121ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 & MS 1722 Standard Training 2 days
IMS-122Techniques and Skills for QEHMS Management Representative  2 days
IMS-123Advanced Internal QSHEMS Auditing  3 days
IMS-124Understanding Q&SH Integrated Management System  1 days
IMS-125Internal Auditing for QFSSH Integrated Management System  3 days
IMS-126How to Implement an Effective Corrective and Preventive Action for QSHE  2 days
IMS-127Internal Auditing for QFS Integrated Management System  2 days