Lean Sigma Management

Lean Sigma is a methodology to improve the capability of business processes by reducing variability and elimination of defects in any process from transaction to manufacturing industry.

The fundamental basis for the success of Lean Sigma methods in all facets of an organization is the ability to identify waste, reduce it, and aggressively go for the elimination of non-value added activities and improve response to that business’ customer base, whether internal or external.

Lean Sigma methods have been proven since the beginning of the industrial revolution. Business Leaders have been focusing on driving performance and response to meeting customer expectations while reducing costs.

ELCO's consulting approach

ELCO’s Lean Sigma consultants are able to help your organization to generate continuous growth, profit market share gains, with minimal capital input. We work hand in hand with client to drive Lean Sigma culture change to quickly resolve variation and quality issues.

If you are struggling to achieve breakthrough improvement, and uncertain about which improvement approach to adopt- or are relying on traditional Six Sigma to move the dials, we invite you to experience the amazing speed and impact of Lean Sigma.

Before we begin a Lean Sigma assignment for you, we will projection of the market impact and bottom-line results you can expect. As we work with you, we’II teach you everything we know, so you can create you own engine for continuous improvement.


The payoff

  • Lead time cut from days to hours
  • Defects/Errors down 50% or more
  • Productivity up 25%-50% or more
  • Inventory reduced by 50% or more
  • Customer Service improved to 99-100%

Our Services

ELCO offers a diverse range of lean sigma training and consulting programs to keep you abreast of the very latest development.

Training Package

  • A selective modular based package tailored to your needs.
  • Public seminar for individual module.
  • Lean Sigma certification program (Black Belt, Green Belt and Lean Specialist)

Consulting Package

  • A complete consultancy for Lean Sigma from the conceptual to full scale implementation.
  • Project based consulting on selective module.
  • Coaching and mentoring.
  • Lean Operational Assessment.