Code Programme Title Duration
SH-103 Practical Hazard Identification, Risk Assessment & Control 1 day
SH-104 Understanding of Malaysia Occupational Safety and Health Law 2 days
SH-105 Establishing an Effective Safety & Health Committee (SHC) 2 days
SH-106 Occupational First Aid (OFA) 2 days
SH-107 Safety & Health Awareness Training for Supervisors 1 day
SH-108 Introduction to Workplace Safety & Helath System 2 days
SH-109 Emergency Preparedness & Response 1 day
SH-110 Job Safety Analysis Training 1 day
SH-111 Understanding Malaysia OH&S Management System (OHS MS) MS 1722-2011 2 days
SH-112 Safety Forklift Driving (Basic) 1 day
SH-113 Effective Noise Monitoring and Lead Exposure Control 1 day
SH-114 Highly Effective Accident Investigation 1 day
SH-115 Practical Fire Squad 2 days
SH-116 Understanding the USECHH 2000 Regulation 2 days
SH-117 Basic Approach in Understanding the Step by Step of CHRA Process 2 days
SH-118 Introduction to Chemical Exposure Monitoring, Practice by the Industrial Hygiene Technician (IHT1) 2 days
SH-119 Introduction to Examination on Engineering Control Equipment Practice by the Industrial Hygiene Technician (IHT2) 2 days
SH-120 Industrial First Aid & CPR Training (Basic) 2 days
SH-121 Occupational Health & Safety Awareness Training for Operator & Leader 1 day
SH-122 How to Attain Zero Accident 2 days
SH-123 Personal Protective Equipment 1 day
SH-124 Hearing Conservation Program 1 day
SH-125 Confined Space Entry Training 1 day
SH-126 Why Safety Committee Fails? 1 day
SH-127 Hand Tool Safety 1 day
SH-128 Basic Chemical Safety & Chemical Spill Response 1 day
SH-129 Ergonomics at Workplace  1 day
SH-130 Lock-Out/Tag-Out (LOTO) Awareness Training 1 day
SH-131 Competent Forklift Driver Training (Intermediate) 2 days
SH-132 Overhead Crane and Lifting Safety 2 days
SH-133 Certified First Aider 2 days
SH-134 The Importance of Behaviour-Based Safety (BBS) In Making An Organization A Safe Workplace 1 day
SH-135 Occupational Safety & Health In The Office 2 days
SH-136 Conducting an Effective Workplace Safety & Health Audit 1 day
SH-137 Identifying & Reporting Of Unsafe Act, Unsafe Condition & Near Miss 1 day
SH-138 Safety Leadership 1 day
SH-139 Introduction to Globally Harmonized System 1 day
SH-140 GHS and CLASS Regulations Training 1 day
SH-141 Effective Noise Monitoring and Chemical Control 1 day
SH-142 Safe Chemical Handling and Spill Response 1 day
SH-143 Prevention of Accident and Accident Investigation 2 days
SH-144 Occupational Safety & Health In The Factory 1 day
SH-146 OSHMS Advance Auditor Training 3 days
SH-201 Introduction to ISO 45001 Occupational Health & Safety Management System 1 or 2 days
SH-202 Conducting an Effective Internal ISO 45001 Auditing 2 days
SH-203 SDS, CLASS Regulations 2013 and ICOP Training 2 days
SH-204 Risk Based Thinking for ISO 45001:2018 Training 1day