Code Programme Title Duration
HC-101 Using the Balanced Scorecard (BSC) to Achieve Breakthrough Performance 2 days
HC-102 Integrated Strategic Talent Management 1 day
HC-103 Enterprise-wide Risk Management 1 day
HC-104 Competency Development & Competency-Based Interviewing 1 day
HC-105 Corporate Performance Management System (CPMS) 1 day
HC-106 KPI System for Talent Management, Productivity Improvement & Performance Management 2 days
HC-107 Succession Planning & Talent Management for Organization Development 2 days
HC-108 Designing Effective Job Description 2 days
HR-102 "You Lead The ship" A leadership course 2 days
HR-103 Training Needs Analysis (TNA) 2 days
HR-104 Worklife Effectiveness with DISC 2 days
HR-105 Leading the Ship, Strategic Development 2 days
HR-106 Pragmatic Change Management – Towards Organisational Excellence 1 day
HR-107 Managing Absenteeism 2 days
HR-111 Interview And Selection Skills 2 days
HR-113 Organisational Effectiveness and Leadership 2 days
HR-114 Effective Leadership Skills 2 days
HR-115 Get The Right One (Behavioural Interviewing Skill) 2 days
HR-116 Managing Performance 2 days
HR-117 Effective Office Administrative Skills & Duties 1 day
HR-118 Impact Supervisory Leadership 2 days
HM-101 Basic Supervisory at Work Place for Organisation Quality Transformation 2 days
HM-102 Practical Techniques for Evaluating Training Effectiveness 1 day
HM-103 Supervisory Management In Action (Advanced Supervisory Skills) 2 days
HM-104 Train the Trainers 2 days
HM-105 Making an Effective Workplace (problem solving & decision making) 2 days
HM-106 HR for Non HR Executives 2 days
HM-107 Effective Managerial Skills for Managers 3 days
HM-109 Effective Performance Appraisal 2 days
HM-113 Effective Techniques to Facilitate a Smooth Job Transition 1 day
HM-114 Be A People Manager 1 day
HM-115 Managing Subordinates 2 days
HM-201 Kemahiran Penyeliaan Yang Berkesan 2 days
HI-101 Attractive Business Communication (ABC) for Organisation Transformation 2 days
HI-102 Dynamic Teambuilding Camp 2 or 3 days
HI-103 Effective Presentation Workshop 2 days
HI-104 Dealing With People Successfully 2 days
HI-105 How to Conduct Meeting for Result 2 days
HI-106 Coaching People for Better Performance 2 days
HI-107 Effective Business Communication 2 days
HI-108 Effective Interpersonal Skills 2 days
HI-109 The Making of “High Performance Team” 2 days
HI-110 Effective Business and Report Writing 2 days
HI-111 Effective Email Writing Skills 1 day
HI-112 The Power of Excellent Public Speaking Skills 2 days
HI-113 Effective Tools for Dynamic People 3 days
HI-114 Gear up Your Communication & Interpersonal Skills 2 days
HI-115 Learning English Program for Working Adults 10 days
HI-116 Communicating with Professional Style 1 day
HI-117 Positive Attitude at Workplace 2 days
HI-118 Effective Communication Skills for Managers 2 days
HI-119 Getting Things Done! 1 day
HI-120 Innerside Effectivness For Peak Performance 1 day
HI-121 Managing Conflict at Workplace 2 days
HI-122 Developing High Performance Employee / Department Assistants / Clerks 2 days
HI-123 Enhancing Behavorial and Social Communication 1 day
HI-124 Effective Communication at Works 1 day
HP-101 Change for Success 2 or 3 days
HP-102 Stress Management for Success 2 days
HP-103 Times Is Not Enough – Time Management 2 days
Manage Well Self, Manage Well Time 1 day
HP-104 Life Motivation for Result 2 days
HP-105 Big Deal! – Creating New Work Order 2 days
HP-106 Turning Problem to Progress 1 day
HP-107 Effective Filing & Record Management 1 day
HP-108 Managing Stress and Complaints - The Professional Way 2 days
HP-109 The NLP Management & Leadership Training - The Management & Leadership Training For The 21st Century Managers 2 days