Code Programme Title Duration
LS-101 Lean Sigma Executive Overview 2 days
LS-102 Certified Lean Sigma Green Belt 8 days
LS-103 Certified Lean Sigma Black Belt 20 days
LS-107 Strategic Improvement Through Just In Time (JIT) Production System 2 days
LS-108 Making Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) Works 2 days
LS-109 Reduce Machine Setup Time through Single Minute Exchange of Dies (SMED) Techniques 2 days
LS-110 Poka Yoke (mistake proofing) to Achieve Zero Defects 1 day
LS-111 Value Stream Mapping for Effective Lean Implementation (VSM) 2 days
LS-112 Effective Inventory Control through Pull Production System & Kanban 1 day
LS-113 Practical Techniques For Production Line Balancing and Standardized Work 1 day
LS-114 Practical 5S and Visual Management Techniques for Effective Workplace Organisation 1 or 2 days
LS-116 Cost Effective Sampling Techniques for Quality Control 2 days
LS-117 Basic Design of Experiment for Process and Quality Optimization (DOE) 2 days
LS-118 Practical Techniques for Process Capability Study 1 day
LS-119 Practical Techniques for Comparative Experiment 1 day
LS-123 Practical Approach to Implement an Effective Kaizen System 2 days
LS-124 Practical Techniques for Effective Production Planning and Scheduling 2 days
LS-126 Lean Sigma Executive Overview for Service Industry 2 days
LS-127 Lean Sigma Yellow Belt   3 days
LS-128 Autonomous Maintenance 2 days
LS-129 Practical 5S and Visual Management Auditing for Workplace Improvement 1 day
LS-201 Elak Pembaziran & Cipta Kekayaan Menerusi Lean Manufacturing System (LMS) 1 day
LS-202 5S Housekeeping Untuk Pengurusan Tempat Kerja Yang Berkesan 1 or 2 day