Code Programme Title Duration
SC-101 Understanding and Implementing Supply Chain Security Management System (for Authorized Economic Operators) 1 day
SC-102 Cost Effective Shipping Management 2 days
SC-103 Creative Procurement Gap Improvement Analysis 2 days
SC-104 LMW & Customs Management 1 day
SC-105 Effective Warehouse Management Skills 2 days
SC-106 Negotiation Strategy for Effective Negotiation Skills 2 days
SC-107 Sales Tax & Customs Management 1 day
SC-108 Practical Incoterms 2000 1 day
SC-109 Effective Supplier Management Strategies 2 days
SC-110 Supply Chain Management 2 days
SC-111 Logistics Cost Reduction Strategies - Reduce Shipping & Inventory Holdings Costs and Increase Company Profits 2 days
SC-112 Purchasing Techniques for Buyers Purchasing Techniques for Buyers 2 days
SC-113 Implementation Of Gst & Understanding Custom Act 1967 Impact Towards Import Duty & Sales Tax, CJ 2, CJ5, LMW & Free Zone 2 days
SC-114 Effective Logistic Management 2 days
SC-116 Understanding Custom Act 1967, Import Duty & Sales Tax Exemption, CJ2, CJ5, LMW & Free Zone 2 days
SC-117 Getting Started on GST for Different Industries in Malaysia (Properties , Manufacturing , Service Industries & Trading) Understanding the Essentials of GST 1 day
SC-201 Meningkat Prestasi Operator Stor/Gudang 2 days
SC-202 Etika Pengendalian Telefon & Perkhidmatan Kaunter yang Berkualiti 2 days
SC-203 Perancangan & Pengawalan Inventori  2 days
SC-204 Understanding Concept and Impact of GST for LMW 2 days