Our Integrated Methodology

We implement solutions through comprehensive understanding of the current state and crafting future state

The Quality Review Process will be established to facilitate the Quality Assurance Reviews at key points throughout the project.

Understanding the client’s needs assesses whether the proposed engagement is appropriately defined before it is executed.



Our phased methodology will enable us to progressively build on the results of each phase as well as to allow client to assess and provide input at each critical checkpoint. Our approach is highly interactive and will ensure that client’s concerns and needs are taken into account throughout the project.


Integrated Project Team

It is imperative that client’s management and staff work closely with the Elco team throughout the project. Elco’s approach is interactive and ensures participation by the different client’s staff levels.This will encourage: Awareness, buy-in and ownership of the determined initiative Knowledge and skills transfer from the Elco Knowledge teams to client’s project team.


Elco Quality Assurance Framework

Quality Assurance is an integral part of Elco’s approach. The goal of the Quality Assurance process is to empower all of our professionals with the opportunity to deliver the highest quality of service to our clients. It also ensures that clients receive service and deliverables that meet their needs and specifications.