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Code Programme Title Duration
QM-106 How to Implement an Effective Corrective and Preventive Action for ISO 9001 QMS 1 day
QM-107 Techniques for Developing Process Based Audit Checklist 1 day
QM-108 Common Mistake In Implementing ISO 9001 Standard 1 day
QM-109 Advanced Internal QMS Auditing 2 days
QM-111 How to Implement Value-Added NCR Procedure 1 day
QM-201 Introduction to ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System 1 day
QM-202 Understanding & Implementing an Effective ISO 9001:2015 QMS 2 days
QM-203 ISO 9001:2015 QMS Internal Auditing by Process Approach 2 days
QM-204 Effective Techniques for Control of Documented Information 1 day
QM-205 ISO 9001:2015 Risk Management 1 day
QM-206 Effective Recors Control and Filing System 1 day

Code Programme Title Duration
EM-103 Understanding Malaysia Environmental Law 1 day
EM-104 Identification and Assessment of Environmental Aspect and Impact 1 day
EM-105 Techniques & Skills for Highly Effective Environmental Management Representative (EMR) 2 days
EM-106 Effective Waste Management 1 day
EM-107 Advanced Environmental Management System Auditing 3 days
EM-108 Effective Hazardous Chemicals Handling & Control 1 day
EM-109 Effective Control of Air & Water Pollution 1 day
EM-110 Effective Control of Hazardous Substances Based on WEEE & RoHS Requirements 1 day
EM-111 Environmental Accounting 1 day
EM-112 Introduction to Customer Green Procurement Policy 1 day
EM-113 How to Implement an Effective Corrective and Preventive Action for ISO 14001 EMS 1 day
EM-114 Introduction to Practical Energy Saving Solutions 1 day
EM-115 Understanding of QC 080000 Electrical and Electronic Components and Products Hazardous Substance Process Management System (HSPM) 1 day
EM-116 Understanding of REACH Regulations 1 day
EM-117 Environmental Pollution Control Method 1 day
EM-118 Effective Scheduled Waste Management 1 day
EM-119 Conducting an Effective RoHS Compliance Auditing 1 day
EM-120 Industrial Effluent Regulations and Control 1 day
EM-201 Introduction to ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management System 1 day
EM-202 Conducting An Effective ISO 14001:2015 EMS Auditing 2 days
EM-203 Identification and Assessment of Environmental Aspects, Impacts, Risks & Opportunities 1 day
EM-204 Understanding, Documenting & Implementing the ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management System 2 days
EM-205 Understanding of Toyota Procurement Guideline 1 day
EM-206 Understanding of safety data Sheet (SDS) 2 days
EM-207 Identification and Assessment of Environmental Aspect & Impact (Product Life-Cycle) 2 days
EM-208 Product Life Cycle for Sustainability 2 days
EM-209 Prevention of Environmental Pollution 1 day
EM-210 Control of Environmental Records 1 day

Code Programme Title Duration
EnM-101 Understanding & Implementing an Effective ISO 50001:2011 Energy Management System 2 days
EnM-102 Conducting an Effective EnMS Auditing Training 2 days

Code Programme Title Duration
SH-103 Practical Hazard Identification, Risk Assessment & Control 1 day
SH-104 Understanding of Malaysia Occupational Safety and Health Law 2 days
SH-105 Establishing an Effective Safety & Health Committee (SHC) 2 days
SH-106 Occupational First Aid (OFA) 2 days
SH-107 Safety & Health Awareness Training for Supervisors 1 day
SH-108 Introduction to Workplace Safety & Helath System 2 days
SH-109 Emergency Preparedness & Response 1 day
SH-110 Job Safety Analysis Training 1 day
SH-111 Understanding Malaysia OH&S Management System (OHS MS) MS 1722-2011 2 days
SH-112 Safety Forklift Driving (Basic) 1 day
SH-113 Effective Noise Monitoring and Lead Exposure Control 1 day
SH-114 Highly Effective Accident Investigation 1 day
SH-115 Practical Fire Squad 2 days
SH-116 Understanding the USECHH 2000 Regulation 2 days
SH-117 Basic Approach in Understanding the Step by Step of CHRA Process 2 days
SH-118 Introduction to Chemical Exposure Monitoring, Practice by the Industrial Hygiene Technician (IHT1) 2 days
SH-119 Introduction to Examination on Engineering Control Equipment Practice by the Industrial Hygiene Technician (IHT2) 2 days
SH-120 Industrial First Aid & CPR Training (Basic) 2 days
SH-121 Occupational Health & Safety Awareness Training for Operator & Leader 1 day
SH-122 How to Attain Zero Accident 2 days
SH-123 Personal Protective Equipment 1 day
SH-124 Hearing Conservation Program 1 day
SH-125 Confined Space Entry Training 1 day
SH-126 Why Safety Committee Fails? 1 day
SH-127 Hand Tool Safety 1 day
SH-128 Basic Chemical Safety & Chemical Spill Response 1 day
SH-129 Ergonomics at Workplace  1 day
SH-130 Lock-Out/Tag-Out (LOTO) Awareness Training 1 day
SH-131 Competent Forklift Driver Training (Intermediate) 2 days
SH-132 Overhead Crane and Lifting Safety 2 days
SH-133 Certified First Aider 2 days
SH-134 The Importance of Behaviour-Based Safety (BBS) In Making An Organization A Safe Workplace 1 day
SH-135 Occupational Safety & Health In The Office 2 days
SH-136 Conducting an Effective Workplace Safety & Health Audit 1 day
SH-137 Identifying & Reporting Of Unsafe Act, Unsafe Condition & Near Miss 1 day
SH-138 Safety Leadership 1 day
SH-139 Introduction to Globally Harmonized System 1 day
SH-140 GHS and CLASS Regulations Training 1 day
SH-141 Effective Noise Monitoring and Chemical Control 1 day
SH-142 Safe Chemical Handling and Spill Response 1 day
SH-143 Prevention of Accident and Accident Investigation 2 days
SH-144 Occupational Safety & Health In The Factory 1 day
SH-146 OSHMS Advance Auditor Training 3 days
SH-201 Introduction to ISO 45001 Occupational Health & Safety Management System 1 or 2 days
SH-202 Conducting an Effective Internal ISO 45001 Auditing 2 days
SH-203 SDS, CLASS Regulations 2013 and ICOP Training 2 days
SH-204 Risk Based Thinking for ISO 45001:2018 Training 1day

Code Programme Title Duration
FS-101 Understanding and Application of HACCP Principles 1 or 2 days
FS-102 Effective HACCP Auditing 2 days
FS-105 Understanding of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) 1 day
FS-106 Documenting and Implementing the GMP 2 days
FS-107 Effective GMP Auditing 2 days
FS-108 Understanding and Documenting GMP-B2 (2010) Production of Feed Ingredient   2 days
FS-109 Introduction to GMP-B2 (2010) Production of Feed Ingredients 1 day
FS-110 Understanding and Implementing the ISO 22000 Food Safety Management System 2 days
FS-111 Pre-requisite Programme (PRP) for ISO 22000 Food Safety Management System  2 days
FS-112 Internal Auditing for ISO 22000 Food Safety Management System 2 days
FS-113 Understanding and Implementing the IFIS for Animal Feed Safety 2 days
FS-114 Internal Auditing Training for GMP-B2 (2010) Production of Feed Ingredients 1 day
FS-115 Understanding the Food Safety System Certification FSSC 22000 (Version 4.1) in compliance with ISO 22000:2018 1 day
FS-116 Pre-requisite Program ( PRPs) For FSSC 22000 2 days
FS-117 Internal Auditing for Food Safety System Certification FSSC 22000 (Version 4.1) in compliance with ISO 22000:2018 1 day
FS-118 Food Handler Training 1 day
FS-119 Understanding of ISO22716 Cosmetic- Good Manufacturing Practices 1 day
FS-120 Understanding MS1480 HACCP and MS1514 GMP 1 or 2 days
FS-121 Understanding of PAS 223:2011 Prerequisite Programmes and Design Requirements for Food Safety in the Manufacture and Provision of Food Packaging 1 day
FS-122 Internal Auditing for MS1480 and ISO 22000 Food Safety Management System 2 days
FS-123  Food Allergen Management Training 1 day
FS-124  Understanding the MS 1480 and ISO 22000 Food Safety Management System 1 day
FS-125  Internal Auditing for ISO 22000, FSSC 22000 and GMP+B2 2 days
FS-126  Introduction to Roundtable Sustainability Palm Oil (RSPO) 1 day
FS-127  Food Defense Training 1 or 2 days
FS-128  Introduction to PAS 96:2014 - Protecting and Defending Food and Drink from Deliberate Attack 1 day
FS-129  Understanding the FSSC 22000 and Food Handler Training 1 day
FS-130  Introduction to GMP+ B1 Production, Trade and Services 1 day
FS-131  Understanding of ISO/TS 22002-4 Prerequisite Programmes on Food Safety – Food Packaging Manufacturing 1 day
FS-133  Introduction to GMP+B3 (2010) Feed of Food Safety 1 day
FS-134  Understanding of ISO 22002-1 Prerequisite Program for Food Manufacturer 1 day
FS-135  Introduction on Malaysia Sustainable Palm Oil Certification (MSPO) 1 day
FS-136  Food Fraud Training 1 day
FS-137  FSSC 22000 Lead Auditor (IRCA) 5 day
FS-138  Food Fraud and Food Defense Training 2 day
FS-139  Introduction to GMP + B3 Trade, collection and storage & transshipment of Feed Ingredients 1 day
FS-140  Internal Auditing Training for GMP + B3 Trade, collection and storage & & transshipment of Feed Ingredients 1 day
FS-141  Risk Base Thinking for ISO 22000:2018 1 day
FS-142  Understanding the FAMI-QS Feed Safety Management System 1 day
FS-301  Introduction to Halal Certification for Malaysia 1 day
FS-302  Food Act 1983 (Act 281) & Regulations 1 day
FS-303  ISO 22000:2018 Risk Management 1 day
FS-304  GMP+ Appendixes - Explanation and Update 1 day
FS-305  Understanding the MS 1480:2019 Food Safety According to HACCP System 1 day

Code Programme Title Duration
LB-101 Understanding the ISO/IEC 17025 for Laboratory Accreditation and Practise 2 days
LB-102 Laboratory Internal Quality Audit For ISO/IEC 17025 2 days
LB-103 Understanding & Application of Measurement Uncertainty  1 day
LB-104 Introduction to Good Laboratory Practice 1 day

Code Programme Title Duration
MD-201 Understanding of ISO 13485:2016 Standard 2 days
MD-202 ISO 13485:2016 Internal Quality Auditing  2 days
MD-203 Risk Management for Medical Device (2016) 1 day
MD-204 Process Validation Training 1 day
MD-205 Introduction to Good Distribution Practice for Medical Device 1 day
MD-206 Internal Auditing Training for Good Distribution Practice for Medical Device 1 or 2 days

Code Programme Title Duration
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Code Programme Title Duration
QL-101 8-Disciplines Problem Solving Techniques 1 day
QL-102 Quality Control Circle (QCC) At Work 1 or 2 days
QL-103 Practical 7 QC Tools for Process and Quality Improvement 2 days
QL-104 Effective Calibration System 1 or 2 days
QL-105 Structured Approach for New Model Start Up and Effective Product Quality Planning 1 day
QL-106 Basic Understanding on Quality Concepts 1 or 2 days
QL-110 Structured Approach for Effective Root Cause Analysis  1 or 2 days
QL-111 Effective Quality Assurance & Quality Control 2 days
QL-112 Cost of Quality 2 days
QL-113 The New 7QC Tools 2 days
QL-201 Praktikal 7 Peralatan Kawalan Kualiti (7 QC Tools) Untuk Mempertingkatkan Kualiti Dan Proses 2 days
QL-202 Practical Geometric Dimensioning & Tolerancing (GD&T) Training course 2 days
QL-203 Basic Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) Training 2 days
QL-204 Understanding of ESD Fundamentals & ANSI ESD S20.20 Review 1 day
QL-205 Hypothesis Testing, Risk, Power & Sample Size 3 days
QL-206 MSA Through Gage Repeatability and Reproducibility (GR&R) 1 day

Code Programme Title Duration
SC-101 Understanding and Implementing Supply Chain Security Management System (for Authorized Economic Operators) 1 day
SC-102 Cost Effective Shipping Management 2 days
SC-103 Creative Procurement Gap Improvement Analysis 2 days
SC-104 LMW & Customs Management 1 day
SC-105 Effective Warehouse Management Skills 2 days
SC-106 Negotiation Strategy for Effective Negotiation Skills 2 days
SC-107 Sales Tax & Customs Management 1 day
SC-108 Practical Incoterms 2000 1 day
SC-109 Effective Supplier Management Strategies 2 days
SC-110 Supply Chain Management 2 days
SC-111 Logistics Cost Reduction Strategies - Reduce Shipping & Inventory Holdings Costs and Increase Company Profits 2 days
SC-112 Purchasing Techniques for Buyers Purchasing Techniques for Buyers 2 days
SC-113 Implementation Of Gst & Understanding Custom Act 1967 Impact Towards Import Duty & Sales Tax, CJ 2, CJ5, LMW & Free Zone 2 days
SC-114 Effective Logistic Management 2 days
SC-116 Understanding Custom Act 1967, Import Duty & Sales Tax Exemption, CJ2, CJ5, LMW & Free Zone 2 days
SC-117 Getting Started on GST for Different Industries in Malaysia (Properties , Manufacturing , Service Industries & Trading) Understanding the Essentials of GST 1 day
SC-201 Meningkat Prestasi Operator Stor/Gudang 2 days
SC-202 Etika Pengendalian Telefon & Perkhidmatan Kaunter yang Berkualiti 2 days
SC-203 Perancangan & Pengawalan Inventori  2 days
SC-204 Understanding Concept and Impact of GST for LMW 2 days

Code Programme Title Duration
HC-101 Using the Balanced Scorecard (BSC) to Achieve Breakthrough Performance 2 days
HC-102 Integrated Strategic Talent Management 1 day
HC-103 Enterprise-wide Risk Management 1 day
HC-104 Competency Development & Competency-Based Interviewing 1 day
HC-105 Corporate Performance Management System (CPMS) 1 day
HC-106 KPI System for Talent Management, Productivity Improvement & Performance Management 2 days
HC-107 Succession Planning & Talent Management for Organization Development 2 days
HC-108 Designing Effective Job Description 2 days
HR-102 "You Lead The ship" A leadership course 2 days
HR-103 Training Needs Analysis (TNA) 2 days
HR-104 Worklife Effectiveness with DISC 2 days
HR-105 Leading the Ship, Strategic Development 2 days
HR-106 Pragmatic Change Management – Towards Organisational Excellence 1 day
HR-107 Managing Absenteeism 2 days
HR-111 Interview And Selection Skills 2 days
HR-113 Organisational Effectiveness and Leadership 2 days
HR-114 Effective Leadership Skills 2 days
HR-115 Get The Right One (Behavioural Interviewing Skill) 2 days
HR-116 Managing Performance 2 days
HR-117 Effective Office Administrative Skills & Duties 1 day
HR-118 Impact Supervisory Leadership 2 days
HM-101 Basic Supervisory at Work Place for Organisation Quality Transformation 2 days
HM-102 Practical Techniques for Evaluating Training Effectiveness 1 day
HM-103 Supervisory Management In Action (Advanced Supervisory Skills) 2 days
HM-104 Train the Trainers 2 days
HM-105 Making an Effective Workplace (problem solving & decision making) 2 days
HM-106 HR for Non HR Executives 2 days
HM-107 Effective Managerial Skills for Managers 3 days
HM-109 Effective Performance Appraisal 2 days
HM-113 Effective Techniques to Facilitate a Smooth Job Transition 1 day
HM-114 Be A People Manager 1 day
HM-115 Managing Subordinates 2 days
HM-201 Kemahiran Penyeliaan Yang Berkesan 2 days
HI-101 Attractive Business Communication (ABC) for Organisation Transformation 2 days
HI-102 Dynamic Teambuilding Camp 2 or 3 days
HI-103 Effective Presentation Workshop 2 days
HI-104 Dealing With People Successfully 2 days
HI-105 How to Conduct Meeting for Result 2 days
HI-106 Coaching People for Better Performance 2 days
HI-107 Effective Business Communication 2 days
HI-108 Effective Interpersonal Skills 2 days
HI-109 The Making of “High Performance Team” 2 days
HI-110 Effective Business and Report Writing 2 days
HI-111 Effective Email Writing Skills 1 day
HI-112 The Power of Excellent Public Speaking Skills 2 days
HI-113 Effective Tools for Dynamic People 3 days
HI-114 Gear up Your Communication & Interpersonal Skills 2 days
HI-115 Learning English Program for Working Adults 10 days
HI-116 Communicating with Professional Style 1 day
HI-117 Positive Attitude at Workplace 2 days
HI-118 Effective Communication Skills for Managers 2 days
HI-119 Getting Things Done! 1 day
HI-120 Innerside Effectivness For Peak Performance 1 day
HI-121 Managing Conflict at Workplace 2 days
HI-122 Developing High Performance Employee / Department Assistants / Clerks 2 days
HI-123 Enhancing Behavorial and Social Communication 1 day
HI-124 Effective Communication at Works 1 day
HP-101 Change for Success 2 or 3 days
HP-102 Stress Management for Success 2 days
HP-103 Times Is Not Enough – Time Management 2 days
Manage Well Self, Manage Well Time 1 day
HP-104 Life Motivation for Result 2 days
HP-105 Big Deal! – Creating New Work Order 2 days
HP-106 Turning Problem to Progress 1 day
HP-107 Effective Filing & Record Management 1 day
HP-108 Managing Stress and Complaints - The Professional Way 2 days
HP-109 The NLP Management & Leadership Training - The Management & Leadership Training For The 21st Century Managers 2 days

Code Programme Title Duration
SR-102 Awareness Training for Corporate Social Responsibility 2 days
SR-104 Awareness Training for Supplier Ethical Data Exchange (SEDEX) 1 day
SR-105 Understanding and Implementing Responsible Business Alliance (RBA) Code of Conduct 1 day
SR-106 Effective Internal Auditing of Responsible Business Alliance Code of Conduct 2 days
SR-107 Understanding Sedex Requirements day
SR-108 Internal Auditing Training for Supplier Ethical Data Exchange (SEDEX) 1 day

Code Programme Title Duration
LS-101 Lean Sigma Executive Overview 2 days
LS-102 Certified Lean Sigma Green Belt 8 days
LS-103 Certified Lean Sigma Black Belt 20 days
LS-107 Strategic Improvement Through Just In Time (JIT) Production System 2 days
LS-108 Making Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) Works 2 days
LS-109 Reduce Machine Setup Time through Single Minute Exchange of Dies (SMED) Techniques 2 days
LS-110 Poka Yoke (mistake proofing) to Achieve Zero Defects 1 day
LS-111 Value Stream Mapping for Effective Lean Implementation (VSM) 2 days
LS-112 Effective Inventory Control through Pull Production System & Kanban 1 day
LS-113 Practical Techniques For Production Line Balancing and Standardized Work 1 day
LS-114 Practical 5S and Visual Management Techniques for Effective Workplace Organisation 1 day
LS-117 Basic Design of Experiment for Process and Quality Optimization (DOE) 2 days
LS-123 Practical Approach to Implement an Effective Kaizen System 1 day
LS-127 Lean Sigma Yellow Belt 3 days
LS-129 Practical 5S and Visual Management Auditing for Workplace Improvement 1 day
LS-202 5S Housekeeping Untuk Pengurusan Tempat Kerja Yang Berkesan 1 day
LM-102 Lean Green Belt Certification Programme 5 days
LM-103 Lean Black Belt Certification Programme 10 days
LM-108 Lean Overview for Service Industry 1 day

Code Programme Title Duration
SM-102 Customer Service & Grooming 2 days
SM-103 Customer Interfacing Skills 2 days
SM-105 Telephone Skills & Customer Care 1 or 2 days
SM-106 Grooming And Business Ethics 1 day
SM-108 Capable of Handling Difficult Customers 2 days
SM-109 Effective Customer Retention Management 2 days
SM-113 High Impact Telesales Skills 2 days
SM-114 Creative Sales and Marketing 2 days
SM-115 Sun Tzu’s Art Of War The Power of Extra-ordinary Performance Selling 2 days
SM-118 Building Bridges To Customers  2 days
SM-120 Customer Service D'excellence  1 day
SM-121 Connecting with Customers 1 day